Veterinary Care for Pocket Pets

At Home Animal Clinic provides basic health care services for small animals and pocket pets including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters. Pets come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their problems. We provide a wide range of preventative care, diagnostic, and treatment options for common ailments that affect pocket pets.

Nutritional & Housing Consultations

Many of the common health problems we routinely see in small mammals can be prevented by feeding and housing your pet appropriately. We can assist you in finding the right environment and diet for your pet.

Routine Pocket Pet Exams

The importance of early detection and treatment of health problems in pocket pets cannot be overstated. Although relatively resilient against illness, they often succumb rapidly once an illness arises. Watch for changes in appetite and behavior. If you suspect you little pet may be ill, act quickly and schedule an appointment.

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Procedures

Our goal is to keep your pocket pet healthy and prevent illness. If your pet is injured or ill, we will work with you to help diagnose the problem and offer treatment. From blood work, skin testing, and fecal parasites screen, to imaging, we have the means to track down your pet’s problems. Once the problem is discovered, we have the experience needed to provide the therapy or surgical procedures required to help even the smallest patient.

Surgical Services

For pet rabbits, we recommend and offer spaying and neutering. This helps to prevent unwanted litters, cancers, and the development of objectionable or aggressive behaviors. We also offer surgical services for removal of skin tumors for small mammals.

Family members come in all shapes and sizes, so let us help keep your favorite pocket pet healthy!  Contact us today! 651-351-7387 (651-351-PETS)