Comprehensive Veterinary Services for Every Pet in Your Home

At Home Animal Clinic is proud to care for the dogs, and cats of Stillwater, Minnesota, providing medical support and pharmacy services at every stage of their lives.

Our veterinarians and care team recognize that your pet needs different medical care at different ages. That’s why we create unique care plans to keep your pet healthy throughout their lives. We also provide surgical, dental, diagnostic, and pharmacy services, ensuring that your pet has everything he or she needs to thrive!


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Puppy & Kitten Care

Start your brand, new pet out with our exceptional veterinary care!

Adult Preventative Care

Keep your adult pet healthy with regular checkups and preventative care.

Senior Pet Care

Let us keep your aging pets on track by addressing their unique needs.

Diagnostic Services

In-clinic diagnostic services allow to quickly and accurately diagnose your pet.

Pharmacy Services

Get pharmacy refills delivered conveniently to your front door.

Dental Services

Keep your pet healthy with regular oral hygiene and dental care.

Surgical Services

Approach your pet’s surgical procedure with complete confidence.

Emergency & Referral

Find the nearest emergency pet care, or get a referral.