Convenient, Cost-Effective Pet Pharmacy Services

At Home Animal Clinic's on-site and online Vetsource pet pharmacy services ensures that your pet is receiving the proper prescription medications from a source you can trust.

The FDA has identified many fraudulent online pet medication companies that sell counterfeit pet products and unapproved or expired drugs. (See the full article here.)

It is better to buy through a trusted provider committed to the welfare of your pet. Feel free contact us directly for detailed information on filling your pet’s prescriptions through At Home Animal Clinic’s pharmacy services.

We are happy to demonstrate effective methods to easily administer medications to your pet, which can be very important for difficult pets. Our on-site pharmacy stocks a wide variety of medications and pet products for your convenience, and most pet medications can be filled the same day.

Pharmacy Products

We offer various pet wellness products, such as:

  • Flea and tick prevention and treatment
  • Heartworm prevention products
  • Prescription medications including brand name, generic, and custom compounded
  • Nutritional supplements for joint, skin, digestive, and urinary tract health
  • Topical dermatologic therapies including shampoos, ointments, and sprays
  • Specialty prescription diets including a selection of Science Diet, Royal Canine, and Purina
  • Wellness, dental, and grooming supplies
  • Treats

Our on-site veterinary pharmacy is open during normal office hours. If you need a refill, we can usually provide same-day service.
To request a prescription refill for pick-up please call, text or complete our online prescription refill form here.
Or feel free to order prescription medication and food delivered to your home 24/7 online through Vetsource.

We welcome questions, and are available for consultations. Please contact us in person or online; we are ready to assist you with all of your veterinary pharmaceutical needs. 651-351-7387 (651-351-PETS)